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"Regulatory Commission - Revised Trans Tariff-2021"

  UP State Electric Regulatory Commission revised the Electric Tariff on 01st July 2021 arround 0.43 paise per unit and granted Rs. 2720.5 crores against proposed demand of Rs.3547 crores by the UPPCL Annual Revenue Recovery. This enhances the per unit charges 0.2421 against existing transmission tariff rates of Rs.0.2378. It was proposed Rs. 0.2942 per unit resulting mariganal hike of Rs.0.0043 per unit.
Print Media:
01st July 2021: i).Amar ujala Page 02 / ii). Hindustan Times Page 04 .

Webinar-UltraTech Cement & IIC-2021

  Webinar Attended with UltraTech Cement & IIC during July to Dec 2021.
Certificate of Participation:
Jul 2021 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 :: Aug 2021 05 / 06 / 07 :: Sep 2021 08 :: Oct 2021 09 / 10 :: Nov 2021 11 / 12 :: Dec 2021 13 / 14 / 15 .

"IEI-Webinar on Electrimate Power to Former-2021"

  The Institution of Engineers(India),UP State Centre, Lucknow organised a webinar on Electrimate Source of Power for Small Farmers of India-Need and Perspective. The Principal Scientist, Dr. SP Singh was Chief Guest & Key Note Speaker. Er. RK Trivedi Chairman and Er. VB Singh, Council member & Chairman, Civil Engg Board, welcome the audience. Convener, Dr. Jaswant Singh nurrated the theme of topic and Er. Prabhat Kiran Chaurasia, Hon Secretary, extented gratitude to the Chief Guest, Chairman, Past Chairman, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Convener and participants. About 50 audience were joined and benefited with talk.
Print Media:
05th July 2021: i).Dainik jagran Page 05 / ii). Hindustan Times Page 02 / iii). Aaj Page 05 / iv). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / v). Lucknow Times jpg / Online .

"Webinar on Artificial Intellegence-IEI,LKO-2021"

  The Institution of Engineers(India), UP State Centre, Lucknow organised a webinar on Artificial Intellegence and its use in Medical. The Chief Guest & Key Note Speaker of webinar was Prof. MK Dutta, Director, Center for who has highlighted about the impact of AI and Data Science in our day to day life. Er. RK Trivedi, Chairman welcomes the Chief Guest & participants and Hon. Secretary, Convener, Prof. Arya, nurrated about the topic and read the Profile of Prof. MK Dutta. After Question & Answer session, Er. Prabhat Kiran Chaurasia, Hon. Secretary, IEI, UP State Centre, Lucknow, extented gratitude to the Chief Guest, Chairman, Er. RK Trivedi and Council Member, IEI & Chairman, Civil Engg. Board, Er. VB Singh, Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Past Chairman, IEI and all Hon. Members & participants. About 30 audience were joined and benefited with talk.
Print Media:
12th July 2021: i).Dainik jagran Page 05 / ii). Inext Page 02 .

"Webinar on E-Waste: Enviroment & Health Issues-2021"

  The Institution of Engineers(India), Local Centre, Gorakhpur organised a webinar on Environmental Impact of Electronic Waste and its Management. The Chief Guest & Key Note Speaker of webinar Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, highlighted about the need to lay Regulation and Act countrywise and control the Hazardous impcat of E-Waste accumulated 50 Million Tonnes every year globally and China ranked First by adding 10.1 million tonnes, USA ranked Second by adding 6.9 millions tonnes and India is Third by adding 3.2 million tonnes every year. Er.Dheerendra Chaturvedi, Chairman welcomes the Chief Guest and DG, SMS and Hon. Secretary and participants. Convener, Er. Ved Praksh Gupta, Hon. Secretary, IEI, Local Centre, Gorakhpur nurrated about the topic E-Waste and the Profile of Dr. Singh. After Question & Answer session, Er. VP Gupta, Hon Secretary, extented gratitude to the Chief Guest, Chairman, Er. Dheerendra Chaturvedi and Council Member, IEI & Chairman, Civil Engg. Board, Er. VB Singh and all Hon. Members & participants. About 30 audience were joined and benefited with talk. Certificate.
Print Media:
13th July 2021: i).Voice of Movement Page 12 / ii). The Edge Media Pdf / jpg / 14 July 2021 iii). Prabhart Bhedi Page 02 / iv). Bhole Nath Times Page 03 .

"Why Lord Shiva worship in the Saawan Month-2021"

  It has been said in the scriptures that: the month of Sawan is the month of Lord Shiva, because it is believed that in this month Lord Vishnu resides in Hades, that is why in this month only Lord Shiva is the follower and also Lord Vishnu. If we look at the works, that is, in the month of Sawan, all the powers of the trinity are with Lord Shiva only. Shiva is called Mahadev, the God of gods. In the Vedas, he is called by the name Rudra.
Print Media:
24th July 2021: i).Dev Times Pdf / ii). The Edge Media Pdf / iii). Bhole Narth Times Page 4 / iv). Prabhart Bhedi Page 02 / v). Readers Messengers Page 03 / vi). Rashtriya Prastawana Page 01 / vii). Sandauli Times Page 02 / viii). News Pdf / ix). Ghoomta Aiyana pdf
26th July 2021: x).Nav Bharat Times Page 06 / xi).Rastriya Sahara Page 03 / xii).Aaj Dainik Page 07 .

"ETV-Plastic is the enemy of environment-2021"

  Plastic is the enemy of the environment, yet people are passing through carelessness: in the Lucknow even in Entire state. The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh had done the work of completely banning plastic in the state. It has been more than three years since plastic was banned, but it is being used openly in other cities including the capital. The use and sale of plastic has also been declared a crime in UP, but due to the negligence and lack of awareness of the officers, people are using it continuously. Plastic is also very dangerous for the environment, but people are not paying attention to it.
Online Media:
27th July 2021: ETV Bharat-Uttar Pradesh Online / Pdf

"CUTS-State Level Consultations SDG12-2021"

  Conference on State Level Consultations on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG12): organised by CUTS, Rajasthan & Consumer Guild, Lucknow on 29th July 2021 at 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM at Hotel Clarks Awadh. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Environmentalist & Director General (Tech), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow was invited as a Resource Person (panelist) and delibrated during his talk that a norms based on population should be fixed for Solid Waste, E-waste, Medical Waste, Sewarage, Green House Gases, Polythene control etc. He also suggested that for complete sequetration of Carbon Di-oxide and carbon Mono-oxide and other gases from atmosphere developing through exit gases of Transport and Industry thre layers tree plantation are required to be done along every roads, express way and high ways and around Industrial Area.
Panelists were welcomed by Mr. Abhisekh Srivastav, Chairman, Consumer Guild, Lucknow, the theme of conference was explained by Mr. Goerge Cherian, Director, CUTS, Rasthan and vote of thanks aws given by Mr. Amar Deep Singh, moderator of conference.
29th July 2021: Inaugural Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08
Print Media:
31st July 2021: i).News Network 24 Pdf / ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / 01 Aug 2021: iii). Prabhat Bhedi Page 08 / iv). Bhole Nath Times Page 02 / v). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / vi) Nav Bharat Times Page 06 / Voice Reading .
Report by Consumer Guild:Brief Report

"The world is still being misled by IPCC-2021"

 Recent IPCC Report-2021: Humanity is at RISK The world is still being misled, says... Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, An Environmentalist & Director General, School of Management Sciences, (Affiliated to AKTU), Lucknow-226501 According to the IPCC recent report, the reduction in the amount of Arctic sea ice during the first week of July, 2021 was quite rapid, but slowed down afterwards. The monthly mean extent of July 2021 was 76,69,000 square kilometers (29,70,000 sq mi). This decreased by 5.21% from the record low of 4,00,000 square kilometers (154,000 sq mi) i.e. 80,69,000 square kilometers for the month set in 2020 (July 2000) and 17,80,000 square kilometers (687,000 sq mi) from the 1981 to 2010 average. sq mi i.e. 30.22% less than 94,49,000 sq km.
Print Media:
13th Aug 2021: i).News Network 24 Online / Pdf / 14th Aug 2021: ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Online / Pdf / iii). Bhole Nath Times Page 04 .

"Flag Hoisting on Indendence Day 2021"

 Flag Hoisting on 15th Aug 2021 as Amrit Utsav was celeberated by veterans of Viram-5, Officials of Viram-5, Jankalyan samiti & Edlders Hub members on 15th Aug 2021 at Vasanti Park, Opposite to Ram Bhuwan Crossing.all the senior citizens took a pledge to keep the country safe from enemies and to prevent climate change, plant more and more saplings, use more renewable energy (solar energy) and intensify the cleanliness campaign. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Environmentalist & Chairman, Viram-5, Gomtinagar Jankalyan Samiti, and Director General, School of Management Sciences, Smt. Seema Singh, Vice President, Arun Kumar Trivedi, Secretary, S.B.L. Malhotra, Joint Secretary, Gorakh Prasad Nishad, Former Minister and G.N. Sinha, Patron, Ramayan Singh, R.K. Jaitley, Brigadier TB Srivastava, Lalji Singh, Dr. R.P. Sharma, Vijay Kumar Srivastava, Pradeep Srivastava, Rabindra Singh, Treasurer, Varun Mishra etc. gathered at Vasanti Park, Viram Khand-5, Gomtinagar were participated in this Amrit Mahotav
Print Media:
17th Aug 2021: i). Bhole Nath Times Page 04 / ii). Aaj Dainik Page 05 / iii). Nav Bharat Times Page 06 / / NBT Voice .

"Tree Plantation by Veterans, SMS and MAA"

 Tree Plantation Drive by Veterans, SMS and MAA: Tree Plantation drive was carried out by Viram Khand-5, Jankalyan Samiti, School of Management Sciences, and Alumni Association of Motilal Nehru Engineering College Lucknow Chapter at Vasanti Park on 20th Aug 2021 at 8:30 AM. On this occasion, veterans and members of Jankalyan Samiti, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Chairman, Environmentalist and Director General, SMS; Gorakh Prasad Nishad, Ex-Minister, BJP; Umesh Chand Tiwari, IAS (Retd.); Brig. TB Srivastav, Dr. RP Sharma, Ex-Dir, FGIET; Ramayan Singh; Seema Singh, Vice Chairman; Rabindra Singh, Treasurer and SBL Mehrotra Joint Secretary, and Manjeet Singh, Vice President, MAA, and Prof. Ashok Kr Tiwari, Gen. Secretary, MAA were present.
Print Media:
20th Aug 2021: i). News Network 24 Online / Pdf / ii). Ghoomta Aina Online / Pdf / 21 Aug 2021: iii).Today India news24 pdf / iv). Lucknow Lead Page 03 / v). Aaj Dainik Page 07 / vi). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / vii). Amar Ujala Page 06 / viii). Nav Bharat Times Page 08 / NBT Voice .
22th Aug 2021: ix). Pioneer (English) Page 02 .

"Condolence on Sudden Demise of Kalyan Singh"

 Former CM, Kalyan Singh: paased away today on 21st Aug 2021 around 10:30 PM and Sate Govt., Uttar-Pradesh declared 3-days National mourning and 23rd Aug as State Holiday under negotiable act. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh paid homage to Former CM, Hon. Kalyan Singh's sudden demise.
Print Media:
22th Aug 2021: i). Readers Messenger Page 01 .

"Proud Moment-Yoga Philosophy book in 7-languages"

 Proud Moments to SMS - 'Yoga Philosophy' Published in Seven Languages : It is a matter of great pride and happiness for the School of Management Sciences (SMS) that the book Yoga Philosophy authored by Prof. BR Singh, Shri Satish Singh and Shri Mukesh Kumar Singh has been published in seven languages and is making Lucknow proud with SMS on the whole. The book Yoga Philosophy in English, which was published on 12 January 2021 in LAP Lambert Publishing, London, is being accepted as a popular book in the world..
Print Media:
29th Aug 2021: i). Lucknow Times Online / jpg / pdf / 30 Aug 2021: ii).Lucknow Lead Page 02 / 31 Aug 2021: iii).Ghumta Aina Pdf / iv).Today pdf / 01 Sep 2021: v).Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / vi).Readers Messenger Page 03 / vii).Prabhat Bhedi Page 02 / viii).Bholenath Times Page 03 .

"Teachers Day-2021 observed at SMS"

 Students of SMS celeberated Teachers Day-2021: While celeberating Teachers Day, School of Management Sciences (SMS), Lucknow paid gratitude to Bharat Ratna & Great Philosopher Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishan our Second President of India on his 133th Jayanti. Students of SMS arranged celeberation and given respect all teachers as GURu's for their career. The function was attended by CEO, Sharad Singh, Dr. Manoj Mehrotra, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, DG, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean and Dr. PK Singh HOD and all faculty memebers.This was the FIRST FUNCTION after physical presence of Students after CORONA pendamic.
Print Media:
6th Sep 2021: i). Lucknow Times Pdf / 7th Sep 2021: ii). Lucknow Lead Page 3 / 8th Sep 2021: iii). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 5 / iv). Bhole Nath Times Page 3 / v). Nav Bharat Times Page 6 / NBT Voice .

"Intellectual Class conference conducted at Mahanagar"

  Hon. Minister (Municipal Corporation), Shri Ashutosh Tandon(Gopal Ji) & UP State, General secretary, Shri VK Bansal: invited 200 Intelectual Class personnels at Mahanagar, Lucknow to nurrate the development done by State Goverment during four and half (4.5) years on 9th Sep 2021 at 5:30 PM. Ex-MD, RNN, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh was also one of the invitee amongst them and seated in the front (Second Row).Meeting continued upto 7:30 PM. Mr. AK Gupta, Ex-Chief Secrtary, Hon. Justice SC Verma, Ex-Loyukta, Mr. KL Gupta, Ex- DGP, Mr. Chaturvedi, Bhajan Singer, CDRI, Ex- Director, Mr. Dhawan etc were also in the meeting.
Photos:9th Sep 2021: Snaps 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 .
14th Oct 2021: Daily Newspaper Hamara Mahanagar, Mumbai Page 04 / ii). Hamara Mahanagar, Nashik Page 04 / iii). Hamara Mahanagar, Pune Page 04 .

"Resource Person-Royal Charter Day-2021"

 The Institution of Engineers (India) Gorakhpur Local Centre, celeberated Royal Charter Day on 09 September 2021 at 03:00 PM: The program was started by Chairman E. Dhirendra Chaturvedi with the welcome and greetings of the keynote speaker Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh and the audience. After that, Honorary Secretary of Gorakhpur Local Center E. Ved Prakash Gupta introduced the enlightened speakers. Large numbers of Professors, architects, civil engineers and students from various institutions participated in it.Prof (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh told that The Institution of Engineers (India) was established under the British Royal Charter on 09 September 1935 in the court of King George V in Burghingham Palace (London). It is the only professional organization in India to be honored by the Royal Charter..
Print Media:
11th Sep 2021: i). Lucknow lead Page 3 / ii). Readers Messenger Page 3 iii). Lucknow Times Pdf / iv). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / v). Rashtriya Sahara Page 7 / vi). Nav Bharat Times Page 4 .

"Engineers Day at SMS-2021"

 160th birthday of Bharat Ratna, Sir Mokshgundam Vishweshwaraiya was and 54th Engineers Day was celeberated on 15th September 2021 at 12:00 PM onwards: The program was started by Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh, HOD-CS whos presented a ppt on the life sketch of Sir M Visheswaraiya and other renouned Engineers of India. Dr. Dharmendra singh also given his view to follow the work of great engineer.The Main address was given by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG, School of Management Sciences and he told how much delegent and technically sound was Sir Mokshgundam who installed FIRST Automaticweir Gate at Khadga Vastu and being Civil Engineer, he could install Power House too. His work was path breaking & mile stone, which everyone should follow in their life for the development of NATION.
Print Media:
16th Sep 2021: i). Lucknow Times Pdf / 11). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / iii). News Network 24 Pdf / iv). Bholenath Times Page 03 / v). Lucknow Lead Page 03 / vi). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 02 / vii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / viii). Amar Ujala myCity Pg 03 / ix). Nav Bharat Times Page 06 / NBT Voice .

"Resource Person-Engineers Day at IEI, UPSC-2021"

 54th Engineers Day of Bharat Ratna, Sir Mokshgundam Vishweshwaraiya: was celeberated on 15th September 2021 at 4:00 PM onwards at Institutions of Engineers(I), UP State Centre, Lucknow. The Convenor of Programme Er VB Singh, nurrated the theme of Engineers Day-2021 and Er. RK Trivedi, Chairman, IEI welcome the Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Keynote Speaker and Hon. VC, Prof. Vineet Kansal, Er. Noor Mohd. Khan, Chairman, IEI, UPSC (Elect) and all the participants. Er.Khan, highlighted about life skrtch of Sir M. Vishweshwaraiya. Keynote Speaker, Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Past-Chairman,IEI,UPSC and DG, SMS, Lucknow addressed the gathering on the ancient education system which was skill based knowledge, given by GURU's to their Shishya. He mentioned that if we want become Vishwa Guru in near future, we have revive our culture, ethics and skill based knowledge in our education system. He also emphasised that we are the country where education was given to serve the entire humanities without any discrimination of cast, creed and place. He also said that how entire world become stand-still during 18-19 months of CORONA pandemic from Dec, 2019 because we as mankind totally disturbed the NATURE and now World economy has gone in minus(-) even suffuring loss of human-being of 45 lakh globally. Lot of women, childs also passes through domestic vialences, girls from sex exploitation during these period, when they locked in their residences apart from collapse of Physical Education.The programme was ended with vote of thanks given by Dr. Jaswant Singh, Hon. Secretary (Elect).
Print Media:
16th Sep 2021: i). Amar Ujala myCity Pg 03 .

"Vishwakarma Puja at SMS-2021"

 Vishwkarma Puja was performed on 17th September 2021 at 10:30 AM to 1:30PM: at the Mechanical Workshop of School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. We know that Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Vishwakarma, the architect. In Rig Veda, he is known as the architect of the world with knowledge of the science of mechanics and architecture. As per legend, he built the holy city of Dwarka, where Lord Krishna ruled and also the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas.
Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh DG(Tech), Dr. Jagdish Singh, CGM, Dr. Dharmendra singh and Mr. Pankaj Yadav, HOD-ME , Mr. Arun Singh, W/S and faculty, staff members and Students were present in the PUJA and also followed the corona guidelines.Puja was ended with distributing prasad to all present in the campus.
Print Media:
17th Sep 2021: i).Ghoomata Aiyana Pdf / 18th Sep 2021: ii). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 01 iii). Bholenath Times Page 07 / iv). Swatantra bharat Page 04 / v). Nav Bharat Times Page 04 / vi). Dainik Jagran Jagran City Page 01 .

"ICI & UltraTech Cement Annual Awards-2021"

 Annual Awards of ICI & Ultra Tech Cement-2021: was organised at Farefirld Marriot Hoterl Gomti Nagar, Lucknow on 18th Sep 2021 at 7:00 PM onwards.Er. Vinay Gupta (President, ICI) presided over the function. The Chief Guest of the evening was Shri Ranjan Kumar (IAS), Commissioner of Lucknow. The other dignitaries on the dais were Shri Vivek Jain (Zonal Head, UltraTech Cement), Shri A K Mehrana (Director, BIS), and the jury panel inclusive of Chairman, Jury Er. R C Baranwal (Retd. E-in-C & HOD, UPPWD); Members of the Jury Dr. Vandana Sehgal, Er. Rahul Tripathi, Dr. Ritu Gulati, Ar. K. K. Asthana, Er. Pankaj Bakaya, Er. A K Singh, Er. Rahul Tripathi, and Prof. A K Tiwari.About 110 Architects, Engineers, Govt. Officials, Academicians, and Institutional Professionals of construction industry from Lucknow, Kanpur, Sitapur and Gonda attended the Awards Ceremony.Er. Vinay Gupta welcomed the participants and highlighted on the key activities of the ICI. Chief Guest Shri Ranjan Kumar (IAS) laid emphasis on the intertwined roles of quality construction.A technical presentation on “Concrete Expressions – A Practical Manifestation” was delivered by Er. Vinay Gupta, Keynote Speaker. Awards were presented to awardees by dignitaries, Jury members, Prof. Raghuvir Kumar and Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, a renowned Environmentalist.The Master of Ceremony was Pradip Kumar Jha. The event concluded with the dinner.
Print Media:
21st Sep 2021: i).Ghoomata Aiyana Pdf / ii). Lucknow Times Pdf / iii).Rashtriya Prastavan Page 07 / iv). Lucknow Lead Page 03 / v). Rashtriya Sahara Page 08 .

"Briddhajan Day-2021"

 International Briddhajan Day-2021: was celebrated at Vasanti Park, by Members & Veterans of Viram Khand-5, Gomtinagar Jankalyan Samiti in which Chairman, Viram-5 Gomatinagar jankalyan Samiti, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Jt.Secretary, SBL Mehrotra, Ex-Minister & Patron Gorakh Prasad Nishad etc were present.
Print Media:
01st Oct 2021: i).Ghoomata Aiyana Pdf / ii). Lucknow Times Pdf .

"Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bhadur Shastri Jayanti-2021"

 Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bhadur Shastri Jayanti: was celebrated at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow & Viram-5, Jankayan Samiti, Vasanti Park, by DG(Tech), SMS, Prof Bharat Raj Singh, Faculty members & Students present at Campus whereas Chairman, Prof Bharat Raj Singh, Members & Veterans of Viram-5, Gomtinagar Jankalyan Samiti at Vasanti Park. The National Day was observed with highlights of work carried out by both great legends of India for following path of Simplicity, Non-violence, Cleanliness and Swadeshi Movement for Atma Nirbhar Bharat.
Print Media:
03rd Oct 2021: i). Lucknow Times Pdf / 04th Oct 2021 ii).Ghoomata Aiyana Pdf / iii). Bholenath Times Page 06 / iv). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / v). Lucknow Lead Page 03 .

"Environment Action Week by Guild & CUTS-2021"

 Environment Action Week by Guild & CUTS: was organised at Vibhuti Khand,Gomtinagar, Lucknow on 05th Oct 2021. Greenman of India, was Chief Guest, who addressed the audience to plant the saplings 412 per man against existing 28-30 trees per man to control the Environment damage globally.Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Sr. Environmentalist, who chair the workshop on "Environment Action Week" told the audience that Glacier is melting fast and there will not be available trace of Glacier & Ice at Arctic & Antartica by 2030 which will submerge many cities and small countries at low mean sea level. This will also add more frequency of Cyclonic Rains , Snow fall and Heavy damage to lively hood, thus we have to use Renewable Energy like: Solar, Wind etc to the extent of 80%. Other Speakers Shri KD Singh, Pradeep Singh & Member of ISI, Mr Abhishek Srivastav, Convener of Workshop welcomes the audience and Representative Upbhokta Samiti casted vote of thanks.
Print Media:
06th Oct 2021: i). Lucknow Times Pdf / 07th Oct 2021: ii).Gramya Sandesh Page 2 / iii). Lucknow Leads Page 03 / iv). Bholenath Times Page 06 / v). Aaj Dainiik Page 04 / vi). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / vii). Hindustan Page 04 / viii). Amar Ujala Page 03 / ix). Nav Bharat Times Page 05 / Text-Voice .

"Lalji Tondan Multi Purpose Hall Inagurated -2021"

 Hon'ble Minister, Urban Development, Shri Ashutosh Tandon (Gopal ji): met the residents of the city and the people of the enlightened class in his assembly constituency on October 10, 2021, and after listening to their public problems, assured them to solve them. Along with this, “Lal Ji Tandon Multipurpose Inner Sports Hall” was also inaugurated with the aim of dedicating the multipurpose internal sports hall built under the supervision of Hon. Parshad, Shri Arun Tiwari ji in the name of Ma.Lalji Tandon. On this occasion, Chairman and Senior Environmental Scientist Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Founder Manisha Mandir, Smt. Sarojini Agarwal, Block In-charge, Rakesh Jaitli, Ramayan Singh, S.N. Pandey, Harishankar Singh, N.K. Verma, Joint Commissioner, Urban Development and Viram Division-2 and 3 and all the intelligentsia of the development block were present.
10th Oct 2021: [01] / [02] / [03] / [04] .
Print Media:
11th Oct 2021: i) Akshat Times Pdf / ii) Ghoomta Aina Pdf / iii) Rashtriya Sahara Page 06 / 12th October 2021 iv). Bholenath Times Page 05 / v). Lucknow Lead Page 03 / vi). Amar Ujala myCity Page 03 / 15th October 2021 vii). Readers Messengers Page 03 .

"Induction Programme Bigins at SMS-2021"

 2-Weeks Induction Programme of B.Tech First Year Students : was started at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 07th Oct 2021. Director General (Tech), Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, addressed the students about the developing possitive thoughts. Dr. Dharmendra Singh told students how to build carreer and Dr. PK Singh, Coordinator-First year & HOD, spoke about Displine during his address Second day alongwith other orientation programme Yoga Session was conducted from 3:00-5:00 PM, in which Prof. Bharat Raj Singh given tips how to become health causeousness and improve your concentration and session was then handed over to Yoga Guru Mukesh Kumar Singh.The convenor of Programme was Mrs Sujata Sinha, Faculty of Professional Communication.
07th- 12th Oct 2021: [01] / [02] / [03] / [04] / [05] / [06] / [07] .
Print Media:
13th Oct 2021: i) Akshat Times Pdf / ii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 05 / 14th October 2021: iii). Ghumta Aina Pdf / iv). Lucknow Lead Page 03 / v). Amrit Vichar Page 04 / 15th October 2021: vi). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 02 / vii). Readers Messengers Page 03 / viii). Prabhat Bhedi Page 02 / 19th October 2021: ix). Vishwa Varta Page 02 .

"Viram-5 Jankalyan Samiti Election-2021"

  AGM & Election for Another 3- Years : were conducted on 19th Oct 2021 as the date of Executive committee is expiring on 30th Oct 2021.Therefore, instructions were received to hold elections for the formation of new executive committee of Gomtinagar Jankalyan Mahasamiti, Lucknow which has about 80 sub-divisional committees for the next three years. In this continuation, Chairman welcomed all the committee members and attendees and various topics like– cleanliness, maintenance of parks and roads, green gas connection etc. were discussed and Khand-Adhikari, Shri Rakesh Jaitley was requested to complete the election process. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, was again selected Chairman and Smt. Seema Singh, Vice-Chairman, Shri Arun Kumar Trivedi, Secretary and Ravindra Singh were elected Treasurer. In this sequence, Joint Secretary Dayashankar Tiwari, Co-Treasurer, Rakesh Tiwari, Cultural Secretary Dr. Rita Tiwari, Co-Cultural Secretary, Neeru Tiwari, Publicity Secretary, Dr. R.P.Sharma and R.N.Agarwal, Block In-charge Rakesh Jaitley, Executive Member, Chandrashekhar, Atul Johri, Rajendra Prasad Bhanu Gupta and Mukesh Srivastava were elected. At the end, meeting was concluded with vote of thanks.
Print Media:
23th Oct 2021: i) Akshat Times Pdf / ii). Ghumta Aina Pdf / iii). Bholenath Times Page 03 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 01 / 24th October 2021: v). Aaj Page 05 / vi). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / vii). Nav Bharat Times Page 08 / viii). Prabhat Bhedi Page 02 / ix). Readers Messenger Page 03 / 25th Oct 2021: x) Lucknow Lead Times Page 03 .

"Er. VB Singh Elected as Council Memeber-2021"

  Er. VB Singh, Past Chairman, IEI,UPSC : was again elected as National Council Memeber on 22nd Oct 2021 for the next Four Years with thumping votes.
Print Media:
24th Oct 2021: i) Amar Ujala my City Page 6 / ii). Ghumta Aina Pdf / 26 Oct 2021 iii). Lucknow Lead Times Page 03.

"Global Teachers Awards to 4-SMS Teachers-2021"

  School of Management Sciences Lucknow 4- Academician's awarded Global Teacher Award-2021 : Director General (Technical)-Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director-Prof. Manoj Mehrotra, HOD (Computer Sciences & Engg.)-Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh, and Assistant Prof.-Ms Akanksha Singh of School of Management Sciences Lucknow were awarded the Global Teacher Award-2021 for their quality education in the field of higher education through online mode. Secretary and Executive Officer Shri Sharad Singh of SMS congratulated to all above awardees for this achievement.
AKS Education Awards invited Teachers working in various field of education at global level to submit their outstanding and commendable work done in the academic growth and finalised the awardees after rigorour scrutiny.
23rd-24th Oct 2021: i) Certificate of Global Conclave 01 / ii). Certificate of Global Teacher Award 02 .
Print Media:
29th Oct 2021: i) Akshat Times Jpg / ii). Ghumta Aina jpg / iii). Lucknow Lead Times Page 03 / iii). Bholenath Times Page 06. v) Pioneer English page 4 / vi). Nav Bharat Times page 6 / 30th Oct 2021: vii) Rashtriya Sahara page 5 / viii). Swatantra Prabhat page 3 .

"IEI-Lecture on Stress Management-2021"

  Lecture on Stress Management : organised by IEI, UP State Centre on 29th Oct 2021.
Print Media:
31st Oct 2021 i) Akshsat Times Jpg / ii). Ghoomata Aina Jpg / 01st Nov 2021: iii) Rashtriya Sahara Page 08 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / v). Lucknow Lead Times Page 03 / vi). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 02 .

"Deepawali Celebrated by Sr Citizen-2021"

  Deepalai Celeberated by Viram-5, Jankalyan Samiti & Sr. Citizen by lighting ONE DIYA for Shri Ram Ji & ONE DIYA for martyr soldiers on 04th November2021 at Vasanti Park, Viram-5, Gomtinagar, Lucknow. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Sr. Environmentalist & Chairman, Viram-5 Jankalyan Samiti, Secretary, Mr. Arun Kr. Trivedi, Patrons-Shri Gorakh Prasad Nishad, Ex-Minister & Er. SBL Melhotra, Khand Prabhari, Mr. Rakesh Jaitely, Shri Umesh Chand Tiwari, IAS (Retd) and Ramayan Singh etc participated in the function. They also took oath to lit Green Crackers Or Not to lit any crackers to protect Air Pollution.
Advert in Diwali:
05th Nov 2021 i) Swatantra Prabhat Page-12 / ii). Bholenath Times Adv-02 .
Print Media:
07th Nov 2021 i) Akshsat Times JPG / ii). Ghoomata Aina Jpg / iii) Bholenath Times Page 03 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 .

"3000 Lakshami-Ganesh Murtis collected from Viram-5"

  3000 Fragmented Idols from Viram-5 collected and land imertion along bank of Gomti river on 09th November 2021. Chairman, Viram-5 Jankalyan Samiti, Gomti Nagar, Khand Prabhari, Mr. Rakesh Jaitely, Secretary, Mr. Arun Kr Trivedi, Mr. Ramayan Singh and many more collected 3000 idols from different locations of 13-Parks and around Mandir.
Print Media:
10th Nov 2021 i) Akshsat Times JPG / ii). Ghoomata Aina Jpg / 11th Nov 2021 iii) Bholenath Times Page 03 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / v) Readers Messenger Page 03 / vi) Lucknow Lead Page 03 / vii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 08 / 12th Nov 2021 viii) Aaj Dainik Page 03 / 14th Nov 2021 ix) Vishwa Varta Page 02.

"Hazardous Air pollution-Tips to Generate Oxyegen"

  Air Quality reached Hazardous in Delhi-NCR & Lucknow from a Week's in Nov 2021: Supreme Court gave direction to declare Lockdown for Two Days & took measures to control it. People especially old citizen & children are suffering and they can't be allow like this. Prof Bharat Raj Singh, DG (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow advised people to place Room Plants such as: Lavender, Lili, Snack, Chameli & Elovera plants inside the house and breath proprly. These plants generates maximum Oxygen.
K-News-Live Characha on: Hardous Air Pollution
Print Media:
14th Nov 2021 i) Akshsat Times pdf / ii) Bholenath Times Page 04 / iii). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / iv) Lucknow Lead Page 03 / v) Aaj Dainik Page 11.

MONERCO EC Meeting & Falicitation of Moties

  Alumni of Lucknow chapter of Motilal Nehru National Technical Institute organized the 'Last Meeting of the Executive Committee of 2020-21' at Fairfield Hotel Marriott on 13th November 2021: More than 10 numbers who were selected from UPSC and UPPSC alumni alongwith two professors of the institute Dr. KN Pandey and Dr. Dharmendra Shukla were also participated in the falicitation programme and Lunch.Thereafter EC Meeting was held.
Print Media:
16th Nov 2021 i) Akshsat Times pdf / 17th Nov 2021 ii) Bholenath Times Page 06 / iii). Lucknow Lead Page 03 / iv) Prabhat Bhedi Page 08 / v) Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07 / vi). Swatantra Prabhat Page 12 / vii) Nav Bharat Times Page 04.

Importanat News- Nov 2021

  Few Importants Media News during July to Dec 2021.
Print Media:
17th Nov 2021 Piscesia Power Transmission Pvt Ltd. prop. Prashaant Singh; i) Hindustan Page 06.
31st Dec 2021 What Environmentalist Dr Bharat Raj Singh says about Kukrail River Restoration; ii) Hindustan Page 08.
09th Jan 2022 Dhyaan increases Immunity says Researchers in Florida, USA; iii) Hindustan Page 18.

Quality of Air Gone Hazardous in India-Nov 2021

 Why Air Quality in India gone Hazardous & Death rate increasing due to Smog : told by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Environmentalist and Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 20th Novemeber 2021.
Print Media:
20th Nov 2021 i) Ghoomta Aiyana pdf / 21st Nov 2021 ii) Akshat Times Pdf / iii) Bholenath Times Page 04 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 10.
01-15 Dec 2021 i) News Time Post Page 22-23

SMS Lucknow organized "Aagman-2021

 SMS Lucknow organized "Aagman-2021" : on 4th December, 2021 for the newcomer students of the academic year 2021-22. Various competitions were organized along with cultural and colorful programs with the aim of introducing mutually to the newly admitted boys and girls. Various artists such as Mr. Vikesh Rajak, Cap King (India's Got Talent), Ms. Karishma Agrahari, (Creator of Album Ibadat) and Mr. Aarush Anand, Singer graced the event. The program was started with the lightning of the lamp at 11.00 am, in which Secretary and CEO of the Institute, Mr. Sharad Singh, along with the Director, Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Mehrotra and Director General (Technical) Prof. (Dr.) Bharatraj Singh and Dean Technical and Management both were also present.About 1500 students participated in the program and Mr. Arsh Khan, B.Com. Mr. Fresher and Ms. Shubhanshi Tripathi, BBA was elected as Miss Fresher.
Print Media:
06th Dec 2021 i) Ghoomta Aiyana pdf / 21st Nov 2021 ii) Akshat Times Pdf / iii) Bholenath Times Page 06 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / v) Rashtriya Sahara Page 05 / vi). Nav Bharat Times Page 04.

Election of MNNIT Alumni, Lucknow Chapter-2021

 Election of MNNIT Alumni, Lucknow Chapter-2021 was conducted on 5th December, 2021 at Fairfeilg by Marriott at 3:00 PM onward by Er. Subhash Kacker, Sr. Alumni & Election Officer in presence of Er. GC Chaturvedi, Sr. Alumni. In which Er. B.C. Rai, was the newly-elected president of the Lucknow Chapter; Er. DK Bhandari and Manjit Singh Arora as Senior Vice Presidents; Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava and Brig. BD Pandey as Vice President; Prof. Ashok Kumar Tiwari, as General-Secretary; Abhishek Pandey and Vikas Shukla as Joint Secretaries; Prashant Mehrotra and Ravindra Goel Sharma,as Cultural secretaries; Sunit Vardhan Gupta, as treasurers and Ajay Rastogi etc. were elected as members. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, past President is completing his two term's tenure (i.e. session 2017-18 and 2018-19 and year 2019-20 and 2020-21) by end of Dec 2021. During his tenure, more and more meetings, events / functions as well as social works like- Donated clothes and washing machines in the institution of deaf and deaf children, got blood donation camp, cleanliness campaign and tree plantation done in Lucknow and nearby areas.
Print Media:
08th Dec 2021 i) Ghoomta Aiyana pdf / 09th Dec 2021 ii) Akshat Times Pdf / iii) Bholenath Times Page 05 / iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / v) Lucknow Lead Page 03 / vi) Aaj Dainik Page 04 / 10th Dec 2021 vii) Rashtriya Sahara Page 05 .

Symposium on Amrit Mahotsav-2021

 A Symposium on Amrit Mahotsav organised by NGO run by Dr. Pooja Shrivasrav on 12 Dec 2021 at Metro City, Basement Hall, Tower No. 9, Paper Mill Colony, Lucnow. More than 250 participation witnessed the the programme. The theme of programme was Matri Shakti in Freedom fighting from 1857 till 1947. The Chief Guest was Sangh Pracharak, Lucknow Shri Raj Kishore ji and Speaker was Prof. Bharat Raj Singh and many other eg; Dr, Usha Bajpayee, Dr. Malvika, Squ. Leader and Brig. Umesh Chopra etc.. The Chief Guest spokes about Mangal Pandey, Rani Lakshmi Bai, ChandraShekhar Azad, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and many who dedicated their life in freedom fighting. Speaker, Prof. Bharat Raj Singh high lighted on Indian Culture about Matri Shakti or Devi Shakti and expressed that we have restore back our culture when womens were respected and they were consider to be mother-sister because rhey build the Nation by their sacrisfies and dedication and shaping the child for becoming strong. Dr. Singh also spokes about the 1857 spark given for Freedom by Mangal Pandey, Beerangana Rani lakshmi Bai, Chandra Shekhar Azad etc. The Programme was ended by AArti to Bharat Mata portrait and singing Bandey Matram and vote of thanks casted by Dr. Pooja Shrivastav, Anchoring the whole programme.
Print Media:
14th Dec 2021 i) VVC News pdf / ii) Bholenath Times Page 05 / 15 Dec 2021 iii). Prabhat Bhedi Page 02 / iv). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 02 / v). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / vi) Lucknow Lead Page 03 / vii) Nav Bharat Times Page 06 / 16 Dec 2021 viii). Aaj Dainik Page 05 / ix). Rashtriya Sahara Page 08 .

Book-Super Brain Yoga & Meditation-2021 (HindI)

 Book-Super Brain Yoga & Meditation(HindI)-How to Sharpen the Memory - written by Dr. Bharat Raj Singh and Shri Satish Kumar Singh- ISBN 978-1-716-14093-8 , December 2021; published by LULU Press Inc., 627, Davis Drive, Suite 300, Morrisville,NC 27560, USA.
Cover: Front & Back: Front / Back / Pdf / Download: Book- SuperBrain Yoga
Book: SuperBrain Yoga & Dhyaan available on i). Purchase / ii). Purchase

Webinar-Super Brain Yoga & Meditation-2021

 How to Sharpen the Memory -A seminar on the topic of how to sharpen memory was organized on virtual mode, in which more than 50 participants including students of School of Management Sciences, Lucknow and residents of Viram Khand-5, and Mr.Rajiv Bhatia, Bank Manager & his team attended it. The detailed explanation about SuperBrain Yoga & Meditation was given by Dr. Bharat Raj Singh on 02nd Janujary 2022.
Programme of Super Brain Yoga Webinar scheduled on 31st Dec 2021 published in Hindustan Dainik Page 5.
Print Media:
04th Jan 2022 i) Prabhat Bhedi Page 08 / ii). Readers Messenger Page 14 / iii) Bholenath Times Page 05 / iv) Lucknow Lead Page 03 / v). Swatantra Prabhat Page 01 / vi). Aaj Dainik Page 05 / vii). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 07.
05th Jan 2022: viii). Hindustan Page 06.

Book-Super Brain Yoga & Meditation Released-2021

 Book-Super Brain Yoga & Meditation Released- by Secretary & CEO, Shri Sharad Singh on 07th Jan 2022. The book was written by Dr. Bharat Raj Singh and Shri Satish Kumar Singh- ISBN 978-1-716-14093-8 , published by LULU Press Inc., 627, Davis Drive, Suite 300, Morrisville,NC 27560, USA in Dec 2021;
Photos: CEO & BRSingh 1 / Book Cover 2 / Download: Book- SuperBrain Yoga
Print Media:
07th Jan 2022 i) Swatantra Bharat Pdf / ii). Ghoomta Aiyna Pdf / 8th Jan 2022: iii). Ujjwal Times Pdf / iv) Bholenath Times Page 02 / v) Lucknow Lead Page 03 / vi). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / vii). Aaj Dainik Page 05 / 09th Jan 2022: viii). Nav Bharat Times Page 06.

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