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Book-Vibration of Heat Exchanger Launched-2020

  A Book written by Prof Bharat Raj Singh & published in USA launched-2020: The School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, Director General, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh’s 14th book "The Vibration of Heat Exchanger Tubes" is published at Lulu Press Inc., United States of America, and recently released. Dr. Singh’s this book is based on his research work done during the year 1973-87, in which he has suggested as to how to avoid loss of life and property from failure due to ‘vibration and fatigue of tubes bundle’ in any nuclear power plant.Mr. SK Singh and Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sharad Singh during the release of the book, expressed their happiness over the achievement of the institute

Print Media:

12 & 13th Jan 2020: i) Lucknow Times pdf (Pages 2) / ii) Amar Ujala pdf (myCity Page 5) / jpg (myCity Page 5) / iii) Nav Bharat Times pdf (Pag 7) / jpg (Pag 7) / iv) Hindustan pdf (Pag 07) / jpg(Page 07) / v) Dainik Prabhat pdf (Pag 02) / jpg(Page 02) .

Makar Sankranti-Scientific Values-2020

  What is the Scientific Values opf Makar Sankranti: An article is written by Prof Bharat Raj Singh, Director General and Chairman, Vedic Science Centre, SMS, Lucknow on 14th January 2020.

Print Media:

14th & 15th Jan 2020: i) Lucknow Times pdf (Pages 2 Nos) / ii) Amar Ujala pdf (myCity Page 4) / jpg (myCity Page 4) / iii) Hindustan pdf (Pag 03) / jpg(Page 03) .

Faculty Development Program at SMS-2020

  A FDP on Learning Outcomes in Academics and Research Methods: was organised by School of Management Sciences, at Lucknow from 13-19 January 2020. Prof Anurag Srivastav was Coordinator and Dr. Amit Khare & Dr. Mahendra Kr Srivastav were Co-cordinators. From 40 Institutions more than 50 participants ( Head of Departments & Professors) attended the propgrammes. The resources persons were Prof. Sabyasakshi Sinha,from IIM, Prof. Manoj Joshi from Amity, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra from Industry, Prof. Sanjay Medhavi from Lucknow University, Dr. Shailesh Kaushal Prof.Masood Siddiqui from Jaipuriya and Prof. Bharat Raj Singh from SMS were main speakers. The validictory program ended with issuing Certificates to Participants from Prof. Sushil Kumar,Keynote Speaker from IIM, Mr.LK Jhunjhunwala,Chief Gust & President, Knowledge Workers, Dr. Rajam Jauhari, Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG(Tech), SMS & Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean, SMS on 18th January 2020.

Print Media:

22nd Jan 2020: i) Lucknow Times pdf (in 2 Pages) / ii) Pioneer Hindi pdf (Page 4) / jpg (Page 4) / 23rd Jan 2020: iii) Nav Bharat Times pdf (Pag 06) / jpg(Page 06) / iv) Daily News Activist pdf (Pag 04) / jpg(Page 04) / v) Rashtriya Prastavana pdf (Pag 02) / jpg(Page 02) / 24th Jan 2020: vi) Dainik Prabhat pdf (Pag 04) / jpg(Page 04) .

FlagHoisting by Veterans-26 Jan 2020

  Elders Hub and Members of Viram Khand-5 Jamkalyan Samiti: were particiopated in Flag hoisted on 26th Jan 2020 Republic Day organised and took oath of Republic Solidarity and to get envolved to save Environment

Print Media:

27th Jan 2020: i) Lucknow Times pdf / jpg

Achhaibar Inter College-31 Jan 2020

  Annual Functiion at Achhaibar Inter College, Raibigo: was celeberated on 31st January 2020. Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, SMS, Lucknow and Hon. Deepak Singh, MLC, gaurdians and students particiopated in function on 31th Jan 2020. Dr. Singh awarded topper 3 Students of High School and Intermediate with Cash and Certificates. He also ignited students to make firm aims and they can achieve it without any difficulties. Mr. Deepak Singh stress to educated girl childs if India wants to become leader in Education globally.

Print Media:

1st Feb 2020: i) Hindustan, Sultanpur pdf (Page 04) / jpg (Page 04)

28-Private University-Cabinet Appd-2020

  The proposal of opening State Pvt. University: was approved by UP Cabinet, at Lucknow on 5th February 2020,whose land and requirements were within the norms.

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6th Feb 2020: i) Hindustan pdf (Page 2) / jpg (Page 2) ii) Pioneer Hindi pdf (Page 2) / jpg (Page 2).

SPEEDS 2019 - Feb 07-08, 2020

  International Seminar on Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental & Disaster Sciences(SPEEDS-2019):Impact of Renewable Energy Resources was held on 07th-08th February 2020. During Inaugural Ceremony Prof.(Dr.)Alok Kumar Rai,Hon. VC, Lucknow University, was Chief Guest, Dr. CM Nautiyal, Principal Scientist, Birbal Sahni Institute was Hon. Guest of Honour and Prof.(Dr.) SK Shukla, Former VC, Darbhanga University, & Director, Renewable E nergy, IIT-BHU, Varanasi. Prof. Manoj Mehrotraq, Director, SMS welcomed Guests, delegates and participants and Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, SMS, Lucknow described the theme of Seminar why it is essential and Vote of Thanks was casted by Dr. PK Singh. The Planary and Technical Session was continued up to 5:00 PM. On 8th Feb 2020, after Planary session, Technical session continued and thereafter afternoon at 2:30PM Valedictor Session was conducted in presence of Chief Guest, Prof. VK Singh, VC, Gorakhpur University and Guest of Honour, Prof. Onkar Singh and Prof. Bharat Raj Singh presented concludinga session and informed 151 out of 185 paper selected for presentation and 87 papers were presented on different theme and Dr PK Singh extented Vote of Thanks.

Print Media:

8th Feb 2020: i) NBT pdf (Page 04) / jpg (Page 04) / ii) Pioneer Hindi pdf (Page 4) / jpg (Page 4) / iii) Rashtriya Sahara pdf (Pag 09) / jpg(Page 09) / iv) Dainik Prabhat pdf (Pag 02) / jpg(Page 02) / 10th Feb 2020: v) Dainik Jagran pdf (Jagran City Page III) / jpg(Jagran City Page III) / vi) Hindustan pdf (Hindustan Live Pag 02) / jpg(Hindustan Live Page 02) / 12th Feb 2020: vii) Dainik Jagran pdf (Jagran Page 6) / jpg (Jagran Page 6).

Maha Shiv Ratri Parv - Feb 21, 2020

  Shiv Ratri Parv & its Scientific Value:-Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Technical), SMS & Chairman, Vedic Vigyan Kendra says that it falls on Falgun Krishna paksh on 13/14th lunar day( English Calender during Feb / Mar every year).This is phase of seasonal change from winter to summer and people suffers with lot of deseases, but by performing rituals with Shiv Lingam one gets his imunity level higher due to absorbed energy by Shiv Lingam...(Read the article in details).

Print Media:

20th Feb 2020: i) The Lucknow Times pdf (in 3 pages) / ii) Saurya Times pdf ( in 3 Pages) / 22th Feb 2020: iii) Dainik Prabhat pdf (Page 2) / jpg (Page 2) / iv) Rashtriya Prastavana pdf (Page 4) / jpg (Page 4).

India's Air Tech beats World-Feb 23, 2020

  India's Air-O-Cycle beats World Electric Vehicular Technology:-Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Technical), SMS & Chairman,CV Raman Centre for Innovation & Research and Vedic Vigyan Kendra says that Air-O-Bike Technology was found utopia in vehicular technology during year June 2010 and now adding Air-Pod by Tata Motors, India for 4-Wheeled car, beats Electric Vehicle Technology worldwide as it has zero pollution as well as zero wastage against battery when looses its life.....(Read the article in details).

Print Media:

23th Feb 2020: i) The Lucknow Times pdf (in 2 pages) / 24th Feb 2020: ii) Dainik Prabhat pdf ( Page 11) / jpg (Page 11) / 27th Feb 2020: iii) Rashtriya Prastawana pdf (Page 02) / jpg (Page 02).

Jankalyan Samiti Meeting-Feb 24, 2020

  Jan Kalyan Maha Samti, Gomtinagar:-Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Technical), SMS & Environmentalist attended the meeting.....(Read the article in details).

Print Media:

24th Feb 2020: i) Dainik Jagran pdf (page 4) / jpg (Page 04) / ii) Hindustan pdf ( Page 04) / jpg (Page 04) / iii) Amar Ujala pdf (Page 04) / jpg (Page 04).

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