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Important Media News-2024

  Some of Important Media News during Jan to Jun 2023.
Print Media:
January - June 2024:
05 Jan 2024:i). Hindustan-Solar Billing Page-06 / ii). Hindustan-Road Saftey Page-08 / iii). Hindustan-AICTE Off Campus Page-10 / 11 Jan 2024: iv). Hindustan-Raids CPSingh's Residence Page-01 / 15 Jan 2024: v). Aaj-Akshat Vitaran-Sultanpur Page-08 / 16 Jan 2024: vi). Hindustan-Incubation Centre-AKTU Page-06 / 16 Jan 2024:Hanuman Potrait vii). Hindustan Page-10 / viii). Pioneer English Page-02 :: 19 Jan 2024:Dhopap Dham ix). Daily News Activist Page-05

Webinar-UltraTech Cement & ICI-2024

  Webinar Attended with UltraTech Cement & ICI during Jan to Jun 2023.
Certificates of Participation :: Jan 2024: 06th

Webinar-Indian Management(AIMS)-2024

  Attended Webinar organised by Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS).
Certificates of Participation: Jan to Jun 2024:
Jan 2024: 03rd / 05th / 10th / 12th / 17th / 19th / 24th / 31st :: Feb 2024: 02nd / 07th / 09th / 14th / 16th / 21st / 23rd / 28th.
Mar 2024: 15th / 22nd.


 Certificates from Imperial Society of Innovation Engineers India
[Jan 2024- Jun 2024]:-ISIEINDIA : Jan 2024: 06th / 13th / 20th / 27th :: Feb 2024: 03rd / 10th / / 17th :: Video :: Mar 2024: 02nd / 09th / 16th / 23rd / 30th :: Apr 2024: 06th / 13th .

Certificates Recognitions:Jan-Jun-2024

  Certificates secured by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh from Jan to Jun 2023.
Certificate of Participations, Recognitions & Excellence:
Jan 2023 09th / 13th(1) / 13th(2) / 16th / 18th(1) / 18th(2) / 24th /
Certificates of FDP / Incubation:
Jan 2024:FDP-Pantech-IOT- 25Dec1023-24Jan2024 :: Pantech-JAVA-(07-28)Feb2024Feb 2024:FDP-Pantech-JAVA-CoOrdinator 07Feb-27Feb2024 / March 2024FDP-Embedded(Arduino) 14Feb-05Mar2024 / FDP-Generative AI-DYP 04Mar-09Mar2024 / FDP- Pantech-Autonomus Vehicle Design 11Mar-31Mar2024 .

 Certificates- Incubartion / Resource Personl: Incubation - 24 Feb 2024 / Resource Person - 04-06 March 2024 .

Viram-5 Snigdha bags Miss India-2023

 Snigdha Malviya Resident of Viram Kahnd-5, Gomtinagar, Lucknow , bags “KIIT Nanhi Pari Title on 20th Dec 2023 at KNIT, Odisha. A grand welcome ceremony unfolded in Viram Khand-5, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, as Mr. Ravi Aggrawal, along with his family and the Malviya family, orchestrated a joyous celebration to welcome back Snigdha Malviya on first day of New Year-2024. The event was graced by prominent figures, including Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, President of Viram Khand-5 Jankalyan Samiti, Shri RP Singh, the former General Manager of UP State Transport Corporation, and Shri SK Gupta, the Financial Officer at AKTU, Lucknow. Snigdha Malviya of Lucknow Uttar Pradesh won KIIT Nanhi Pari Little Miss India 2023 title & received cash prize of Rs 3 lakh with the Swarovski crown and prizes worth Rs 21 lakh. Out of 27-participants between 15 and 17 years old were shortlisted for the semi final from regional auditions. In the grand finale, Chirashree Sagarika of Odisha was crowned the first runner, and Pareenita Das from Assam was adjudged the second runner-up & received a cash award of Rs 1 lakh and Rs. 50,000, respectively, along with other gifts and substantial fee waivers.
Photos-31 Dec 2023:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13.
Print Media:
03 Jan 2024:(i).Nav Satta PDF / 04 Jan 2024:(ii).Desh Ki UpasanaPDF / (iii).First Editor Page 03 / (iv).Rashtriya Prastawana Page 01 / (v).Bholenath Times Page 03 / (vi).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (vii).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (viii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / (ix).Vidhan Keshari Page 13 / (x). Dainik Jagran Jag City-Page IV / (xi).Dhara Lakshya Page-02.

Yash Sengar distributed Blanket-04Jan2024

 Mr. Yash Sengar, President & his team of Lafidusi, a student-run social service organization, at 8-30 am on 04th January 2024 : in front of King George Medical University and Hanuman Setu Temple, Lucknow, the poor, destitute and those living on the streets in this harsh cold. About 600 food boxes and 100 blankets were distributed to disabled people. In this distribution program apart from Mr. Yash Sengar, other members Ishanika Singh, Arjun Pratap Singh, Sajjad Haider, Mridul Singh and Abhishek Yadav etc. were also present.
Photos-04 Jan 2024:01 / 02 / 03.
Print Media:
06 Jan 2024:(i)Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (ii).Daily News Activist Page 03 / (x). Bholanath Times Page 03.

Science of Yoga released by VC,AKTU-06Jan2024

 LAP Book - ‘Yoga Science – Effects of Mudras, Bandhas and Chakras’ under the aegis of Vedic Science Center released by Vice Chancellor, Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University on 06th Jan 2024. The book written by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG, SMS has been published by Lap Lambert Publishing, London, which is proposed to be published in 7 other languages ??mainly French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian etc. From this publication, Vedic Science Center, achieved another glorious history of SMS. The co-authors of this book, Mr. Satish Kumar Singh, President, SMS and Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, former Vice Chancellor, Sri Sri University, Odisha made it more useful by citing their respective spiritual knowledge. On the occasion of the release of this book, Financial Officer of the Vice Chancellor's Office, Mr. Sushil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Amit Malik and others and Mr. Sharad Singh, Secretary and Executive Officer, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical), SMS, Lucknow, etc. were present.
Photos-06 Jan 2024:01 / 02
Print Media:
09 Jan 2024:(i).Bareily Ki Awaj Page-05 / (ii).Bholenath Times Page 02 / (iii).First Editor Page 06 / (iv).Prahari Meemansa Page 03 / (v).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (vi).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (vii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 02.

4th Tribute to Raja Ompraksh Singh-10Jan2024

 On 4th Tribute Ceremoney to Raja Omprakash Singh & Awards to Talented Students at Tirhut State and a free eye camp was organized in the State campus. In this, 318 people got registered. After examination, the team of doctors distributed spectacles to 136 people. Meanwhile, the meritorious students of Walipur, Mirpur, Haliapur, Tirhut, Baldirai, Singhani, Rancha and Bahurawan Inter Colleges were honored. In this, the children securing first, second and third positions were rewarded with a bicycle, memento and certificate respectively.In the program, MLC Shailendra Pratap Singh, Gauriganj MLA Rakesh Pratap Singh, Omkar Singh Vibhakar, Director General of School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Co-Director, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, BDO SN Singh and Raja Raibhanu Pratap Singh etc., were present and paid their humble tribute to late Raja Om Prakash ji and shared his experience with the people by remembering him.
Photos-10 Jan 2024:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20.
Print Media:
13 Jan 2024:(i).Swatantra Prabhat Page 08 / (ii).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (iii).Dhara Lakshya Page 05 / (iv).Bholenath Times Page 03 / (v).First Editor Page 02 / (vi).Prahari News PDF.

Lucknow Scientist Receives Global Recognition-2024

 Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General of the School of Management Sciences, Lucknow has played a pivotal role in evaluating research papers, particularly those pertaining to the energy sector and addressing global climates in the face of environmental challenges. Ms. Laura Hassink, the Managing Director of Elsevier, extended heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Singh for his voluntary dedication of time and expertise in the year 2023
Print Media:
13 Jan 2024:(i).Ghoomta Aiyana PDF / 14 Jan 2024: ii). Lucknow TribunePDF / iii). Lucknow NewsPDF / (iv).Swatantra Bharat Page 02 / (v).Dhara Lakshya Page 05 / (vi).Bholenath Times Page 03 / (vii).First Editor Page 01 / (viii).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (ix).Prahari News PDf / 15 Jan 2024(x).Rashtriya Sahara Page-10 / 16 Jan 2024: (xi).Bareilly Ki Awaj Page-05 / (xii).Prahari Meemansa Page-03 / (xiii).Rashtriya Yuva Vahini Page-02.

Ayodhya gives a glimpse of Tretayug-17012024

 Looking at the wonderful and unforgettable grand decoration of Ayodhya and its cleanliness- it seems that after the Pran Pratistha of 22 January 2024, Shri Ram ji of Tretayug is going to be seen. Paintings and figures related to different incidents of Lord Ram on the side walls are attracting people. People are amazed to see the beauty of Ayodhya.Although the hard work and efforts of the artists are unforgettable and inspiring, but it is very important for the cultural department of the UP Govt. to match the carved figures related to such incidents with the mentions shown in their texts -otherwise a small mistake can hurts our religious sentiments-said by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow.
Print Media:
18 Jan 2024:(i).Apki Ki Khabar Pdf / (ii).First Editor Page 04 / (iii).Rashtriya Prastawana Page-01 / 19 Jan 2024: (iv).Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (v).Dastak Times Pdf / (vi).Bareilly Ki Awaj Page-5 / (vii).Dhara Lakshya Page-2 / (viii).Bholenath Times Page-3 / (ix).Swatantra Prabhat Page-01.

Jaitra Achieved Mathematics Award-2023

 Saurabh and Deepika Singh's son Jaitra Singh studying in K.G. in the renowned school in Parramanta West, Sydney: has achieved a unique place by surpassing other students from all countries with its talent in Maths. He received the Mathematical Achievement Award-2023 in Sydney.You will be surprised to know that Jaitra Singh is none other than Dr. Bharat Raj Singh`s grand son, who is a Senior Environmental Scientist of the country and is working as Director General, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow.
Print Media:
24 Jan 2024:(i).Lucknow Tribune PDF / (ii). Ghoomta Aaiyna PDF / (iii). News Chuski PDF / (iv). Dastak Times PDF / (v). First EditorPage-02 / (vi).Dhara Lakshya Page 03 / (vii).Bholenath TimesPage-03 / (viii).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (ix).Daily News Activist Page-02 / (x).Hindustan SmartPage-06 / 25 January 2024: (xi).Aap Ki KhabarPDF / 26 January 2024: (xii).Bareilly Ki Awaj Page 13 / (xiii).Vaicharik ToofanPage-02 / (xiv).Prahari Meemansa Page-03.

Viram-5 celebrated 75th Republic Day-2024

 On 26th Jan 2024 Veteran of Viram-5 Gomtinagar Jankalyan Samiti celebrated 75th Republic Day- by participatingin Amrit Mahotsav. The seniors, officials and members of Viram Khand-5 hoisted the flag with enthusiasm and also took a pledge to create a developed country by 2047. Along with this, an oath was also taken to keep the country safe from enemies, to carry forward the environmental protection and cleanliness campaign. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, SBL Malhotra, Seema Singh, Gorakhnath Nishad, Rakesh Jaitley, Arun Tripathi, Vijay Srivastava, Diva Shankar Tiwari, Anand Prakash Aggarwal, Mr. M. Gupta etc. were present in the program.
Print Media:
28 Jan 2024:(i).Ghoomta Aaiyna PDF / 29 Jan 2024: (ii). Dastak Times PDF / (iii). First EditorPage-02 / (iv).Bareilly Ki Awaj Page-02">Page 03 / (v).Prahari MeemanasaPage-03 / (vi). Dhara Lakshya SamacharPage-02 / (vii).Bholenath Times Page-02">Page 03 / (viii).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (ix).Rashtriya SaharaPage-10 / 30 Jan 2024 (x).Daily News Activist Page-03.

Jaitra visited SMS Institute-2024

 Saurabh and Deepika Singh's son Jaitra Singh visited at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow who is studying at Sydney, Australia Jaitra saw the Projects and CV Raman Centre for Research & Innovation, Lucknow and also Vedic Science Centre, Lucknow. He enjoyed while driving Solar Street Car and Saurabh with Air-O-Bike.
27 Jan 2024:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19.
Videos: Solar Street Car-ride by Jaitra. / Self Charging Car run by Saurabh Singh. / Air-O-Bike ride by Saurabh.

SMS Celebrated Saraswati Vandan-2024

 As soon as the name of Vasant Panchami comes, there is a feeling of joy along with faith and belief in the enlightened mother Saraswati. On this occasion, Prasad Bhog was distributed along with puja-havan and aarti of Maa Saraswati as per the rituals in the multi hall of the School of Management Sciences campus.In this puja, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Sharad Singh, Director General Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Director Ashish Bhatnagar, Director Administration Dr. Jagdish Singh, Co-Director, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean Dr. PK Singh, Registrar, teachers, students. Received Prasad along with worship. Most of the people were wearing yellow clothes on this holy festival of Vasant Panchami.
Print Media:
16 Feb 2024:(i).Ghoomta Aaiyna PDF / (ii). Bholenath Times Page-02 / (iii). First EditorPage-02 / (iv).Daily News Activist Page-02.

MNNIT Alumni Lucknow Chapter Picnic at Zoo-2024

 MNNIT Lucknow Chapter organises Picnic and Climate Mitigation Awareness Campaign , at Zoo (Chidiyaghar) Lucknow on 18th Feb 2024.Around 40 family members went to the zoo and had a picnic and enjoyed entertainment through games and music in the baradari of the zoo. In this sequence, they also enjoyed lunch and took an oath through street play to plant trees to protect nature and reduce carbon by using renewable energy sources & make the environment pollution-free. The participants were encouraged by giving gifts and the tireless efforts of Manjeet Singh were also appreciated by the Chairman. On this occasion, Lucknow Chapter President Prof. VK Singh, Senior Vice President Manjeet Singh, former Presidents Er. Bharat Roy, Environmentalist Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Er. Sunil G Garg, Treasurer Sunit Vardhan, Sr Vice President Er. DK Bhandari, and members R.K. Goyal, K.L. Verma, Dr. Amal K. Sarkar, Rajesh Nigam, S.K. Gupta, Shailesh Aggarwal, Ashutosh Kumar, Satyendra Kumar and Shubham Aggarwal etc. were present.
Print Media:
20 Feb 2024:(i).Prahari News PDF / (ii). Bholenath Times Page-03 / (iii). First EditorPage-05 / (iv).Dhara Lakshya Page-02 / (v).Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (vi).Daily News Activist Page-02.

Avinash New Chamber Inaugurated-26 Feb 2024

 Grand inauguration of advocate Avinash Singh's office , at Vishal Khand-4, Lucknow on 26th Feb 2024. The new chamber of advocate Avinash Singh was inaugurated by senior advocate IB Singh. Avinash Singh is the son of Raj Narayan Singh (retired IAS) and Dr. Madhu Singh and nephew of Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, senior environmental scientist. He completed his law studies from Symbiosis International University, Noida in the year 2022. After this, he started his practice as an advocate in Lucknow High Court.
Print Media:
28 Feb 2024:(i).Prahari Mimansa Page-03 / (ii). Bareilly Ki Awaj Page-05 / (iii). First EditorPage-02 / (iv).Green India Page-07 / (v).Vaicharik Toofan Page-02 / 29 Feb 2024(vi).Bholenath Times Page-02.

SMS Organised 3-Days SPARDHA-2024

 Three-day “Spardha-2024” program at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow,from 28th Feb-01st March 2024. Shri Mohsin Raza, Minister of State, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Chairman of Haj Committee, encouraged the contestants with his dignified presence as the chief guest and honored the winning students from various sports and teams with his lotus flowers.Governing Council Member Dr. C.M. Dwivedi and Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sharad Singh while rewarding the students said that certainly education is the goal of our life but a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. In the program, Director of the Institute Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bhatnagar, Director General (Technical) Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Director Administration- Dr. Jagdish Singh, Co-Director Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean-Student Welfare Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh, Dean- Dr. Hemendra Kumar Singh. And Registrar Mr. Sheshanaran Shukla was also present and kept encouraging the students.
Print Media:
01 March 2024:(i).Prahari News PDF / 03 March 2024:(ii). Bholenath Times Page-03 / (iii). First EditorPage-02.

Resource Person at IC-IPTI-LSCPS-04 March 2024

 Three (3) days International Conferenceon Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation organized at LPCPS, Lucknow on 04-06th March 2024. Dr. Lakshmi Shankar Awasthi welcomed the guests and all the participants/attendees.Chief Guest, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh presented an important statement and research paper on intellectual property and technological advancement.During the session, Dean Academics LPCPS Prof .Dr.L.S. Awasthi, Head of Computer Science Dr. AK Rai, Head of Commerce Dr. Dayashankar, Head of Management Dr. Sameer Kumar, Head of Arts Dr. Neeraj Singh, Dr. Taru Gupta as well as Dr. AshishKaushal. , Dr. Mayank, Dr. Harimohan and other faculty members and students were also present and acquired knowledge.
DownLoads:Programme Schedule / Presentation / Certificate
Print Media:
05 March 2024:(i).Desh Ki Upasana Page-4 /06 March 2024:(ii).Prahari News PDF / (iii). Bholenath Times Page-03 / iv). Bareilly Ki Awaj Page-04 / (v). First EditorPage-02 / (vi).Dhara Lakshya Page-02 / (vii).Rashtriya Prastawana Page-02 / (viii).Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (ix).Daily News Activist Page-03.

Mahashiv Ratri & Its Scientific Values-08 March 2024

 Scientific importance of Mahashivratri , is explained by Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, School of Management Sciences, and chairman, Vedic Science Centre, Lucknow, He says that if we look at it from the point of view of science, then Shivalinga is a body of energy which is installed in all the Shiva temples on round, long and circular Peethams, it absorbs the cosmic power. By offering Rudrabhishek, Jalabhishek, Bhasma Aarti, Bhang-Dhatura-Ganja and Bel leaves, the devotee absorbs that powerful energy. Through this, it is natural to attain purity in mind and thoughts and relief from suffering from physical diseases. After this day, the Sun moves into Uttarayan and the arrival of summer also begins and humans start paying special attention to protect themselves from the heat.
Print Media:
08 March 2024:(i).Desh Ki Upasana PDF :: Audio / (ii).Ghoomta Aiyana PDF / (iii). Bholenath Times Page-04 / iv). Rashtriya Prastawana Page-04 / (v). First EditorPage-04 / (vi). Rashtriy Sahara Page-10.

Faculty Devt. Programme on IPR held-15 March 2024

 SMS Lucknow organized a Faculty Development Programme on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) at SMS Lucknow,, Dr. Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Distinguished Professor, Department of Biotechnology, GLA University, Mathura was the resource person for the day. The FDP provided attendees with valuable insights into various aspects of Intellectual Property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. During the session, Director,SMS,Lucknow, Dr.Ashish Bhatnagar, Director General (Technical) Dr. (Prof.) Bharat Raj Singh and Associate Director Dr. Dharmendra Singh , Deans and Faculty members and Students were present. Dg(Technical) said that they looked forward to more such vibrant sessions in future.
Print Media:
16 March 2024:(i).Ghoomta Aiyan PDF / ii). RNI News PDF / (iii).Lucknow Tribune Page-05 / (iv). Bholenath Times Page-03 / v). Dhara Lakshya Samachar Page-02 / (vi). First EditorPage-02 / (vii). Swatantra Prabhst Page-03 / (viii). Daily News Activist Page-02.

UP Kshatriya Loksewak Parivar Mahasamiti-18 Mar 24

 SKD Singh, Patron & Baba Hardeo Singh, President elected again in UP Kshatriya Loksewak Parivar Mahasamiti , on 17th March 2024 during meeting at SKD Singh School Gomtinagar, Lucknow. Entire execitive committe is reconstituted and Advisory Committee Headed by Dr. BN Singh and Dr.Bharat Raj Singh alongwith 22 memebers also formed. 61- EC members are given responsibility to activate the state fuctionery works in the interest of roll of Kshatriya in the national building.
Print Media:
18 March 2024:(i).Amrit Vichar Page-04 / (ii).Pioneer Hindi Page-04 / 19 Mar 2024:(iii).Bholenath Times Page-03 / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (v).Daily News Activist Page-02 / (vi).Rashtriya Sahara Page-10 / (vii). Amar Ujala Page-03 / 20 Mar 2024:(viii).First Editor Page-02

Scientific Importance of Celebrate Holi Fest-23 Mar 24

 Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, School of Management Sciences & Chairman, Vedic Science Centre, Lucknow-226501 , emphasized on 23rd March 2024 the significance of understanding the scientific aspects of celebrating the Holi festival. He urged individuals not to remain ignorant and to delve into the scientific explanations behind the festivities.During this festival, occurring during a period when weather changes induce drowsiness and lethargy in people, it's crucial to understand the scientific rationale behind it. The transition from cold to hot weather naturally leads to fatigue and inertia in the body as the blood vessels dilate, causing a lighter flow of blood. To combat this lethargy during the Phag season, it's recommended not only to engage in loud singing but also to reduce speaking. This practice helps in dispelling sluggishness by emphasizing vocal activity and minimizing verbal communication.
Print Media:
23 March 2024:(i).Prahari News PDF / (ii).Rastragati PDF / 24 Mar 2024:(iii). Aap Ki Khabar PDF / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-06 / (v). Bholenath Times Page-02 / (vi).First Editor Page-05 / (vii).Dhara Lakshya News Page-04.

SMS Organises Workshop on Startup-06 Apr 24

 Incubation and Entrepreneurial Foundation, Lucknow under the aegis of SMS organized a worshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on 6th April, 2024 at SMS, Lucknow, in which Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Manager Incubation Centre, Navyug Innovation Foundation, IET, Lucknow delivered lecture and told that SMS Incubation and Entrepreneurial Foundation is an advanced version of a non-profit organization, which is registered under Section-8 company. He also told about startups and mentioned that students can get government grants under this Incubation Centre.At the beginning of the program, the guests were welcomed by the Director of the Institute, Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar. While extending his vote of thanks, Director General (Technical) Dr. Bharatraj Singh, informed that the institute has got NAAC A+ category and also work of innovative start-up & entrepreneurship was already initiated in the year 2017-18. The SMS Institute has been placed with the first position in the state for this. During the programme, Associate Director Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dr. P.K.Singh-Dean, Dr. Hemant Kumar, Dean-Engg, Dr. Amarjeet Singh HOD-EE, Dr. Asha Kulshrestha HOD-CE, were present alonwith teachers and B.Tech students studying in the institute.
Print Media:
o7 March 2024:(i).Prahari News PDF / (ii).Aap Ki Khabar PDF / (iii). Swatantra Bharat Page-02 / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (v). Bholenath Times Page-03 / (vi).First Editor Page-06 / (vii).Rashtriya Prastavana Page-06 / (viii).Daily News Activist Page-02.

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