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Pawan Prawah-Articles

 Pawan Prawah-Hindi Saptahik : Articles of Prof Bharat Raj Singh.

Print Media: Pawan Prawah eMagazines.
(153). 17th Jun 2019-23rd Jun 2019: How to Improve Education in India-Part-(10) Pg.05 (pdf) / pg.05 (jpg) .

Magazines & Electronic News -2019

  ZEE News Editors Vishal Singh Raghuvanshi: took interview about: Air-O-Bike latest progress on its development and launching to public by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical) on 27th June 2019. While conveying the staus it was told that cylinder of Alumunium alloy is designed and in process of further development and as soon as it is ready all small challenges will be overcome to launch the Air-O-Bike in market.

Print Media:

Magazines : i). Srabhi Samagra-April 2019 pdf / 01 July 2019:ii). The Edge pdf / iii). Readers Messenger pdf .

BB News Video:

01 July 2019: BB News Video

Loins Club Donated Sanitary Pad M/C-2019

  Loins Club Awadh, Lucknow donated Sanitary Pad Machines: One(01) at Yamuna Block Toiles and other one(01) at Girls Hostel of SMS, Lucknow.Loins Club Vice District Governor-(I), Shri Kamal Shekhar Gupta and (II), Shri Jagdish Agrawal, Secretary, Shri Vineet Srivastav and President, Harsh Tiwari and other team members were present on 6th July 2019, during installation ceremoney. Shri Sharad Singh, Secretary & CEO, Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical) and Dean Academic, Dr. Dharmendra Singh,School of Management Sciences, Lucknow and other officers were also present.

Print Media:

07th July 2019: i).Dainik Prabhat pdf(Page 2) / jpg(Page 2) / ii). Dainik Jagran City pdf(Page III) / jpg(Page III) / iii). Voice of Lucknow pdf(Page 6) / jpg(Page 6) .

Water, Bird & Nature Protection Ratna Samman-2019

  Chaitanya Welfare Society, Lucknow felicitated "Ratna Samman Awards" to 50-persons for their contribution towards protection of Water, Bird & Nature on 7th July 2019.Mr Mukesh Singh cusin of Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical) was also one of the selected persons felicitated with this awards.

Print Media:

08th July 2019: i).Amar Ujala pdf( myCity Page III) / jpg(myCity Page III) / ii). Sahara Samay pdf(Page 06) / jpg(Page 06) / iii). Voice of Lucknow pdf(Page 05) / jpg(Page 05) .

Articles in Magazines-2019

  Articles in Magazies like: Samagra, The Edge, News Time Post etc time to time written by Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow in various ares such as;Education, Global Warming etc. during 2019.

Print Media:

26 Mar 2019: i).Dainik Jagran pdf (Page 5) / jpg (Page 5) / 10 Apr 2019: ii).Surabhi Samagra pdf / 01 July 2019 iii). The Edge pdf / 08 July 2019 iv). Readers Messenger pdf .

01 Jul 2019: v).87 Yr old in PhD Entrance-Mr GK Bhaatt pdf(myCity Page-I) / jpg (myCity Page-I).

World Population Day & Environmental Hezarred-2019

  World Population Day was celeberated on 11th July 2019 and most of the organisation committed to check population by adopting measured to restrict 2-childrens. The cuase of Environmental damage is primarly cause of popullation growth within last 200 years gone from 100 to 770 crores. Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical),SMS, Lucknow wrote an article on this issue placing very inormative datas and requested to act upon this issue on priority.

Print Media:

12th July 2019: i).Amar Ujala pdf( myCity Page 7) / jpg(myCity Page 7) / ii). Daily News Activists pdf(Page 08) / jpg(Page 08) / iii). Dainik Prabhat pdf(Page 08) / jpg(Page 03) / 13 July 2019: iv). Rashtriya Prastavana pdf(Page 04) / jpg(Page 04) .

All India Seminar on Energy Conservation-2019

  All India Seminar on Energy Efficient Design of Buildings with Special Reference to Energy Conservation Buildings Code' (ECBC) was conducted on 13th-14th July 2019 at IE(India),UP State Centre in association with NEDA, Lucknow. Inaugural Session witnessed by Shri Shushil Kumar Patel, IAS, Director, NEDA as Chief Guest and Er. Rakesh Kumar Trivedi, Advisor, UPPCL as Guest of Honour. Prof Bharat Raj Singh, presented 2 (Two) papers as under:

1.Singh Bharat Raj and Gangwar Prasant Kumar, (2019), Scenario of Energy Efficient Building in India and its Design Future Plan, Proceeding of All India Seminar on ECBC, Pages 5-13, held at IE(India), Lucknow on 13th-14th July 2019.

2.Singh Bharat Raj (2019), Energy Efficient Solar Buildings in India, Proceeding of All India Seminar on ECBC, Pages 47-55, held at IE(India), Lucknow on 13th-14th July 2019.

Print Media:

14th July 2019: i).Amar Ujala pdf( myCity Page 7) / jpg(myCity Page 7) .

CAAD new Centre-LIVEWIRE-2019

  LiveWire -a new centre of CADD, Bangalore was established at Sec-14, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow by an Academician, Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, The centre was Inaugurated on 13th July 2019 by Eminent Scientist & Environmentalist, Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh and Guest of Honour was Retd. Dean & HOD Faculty of Humanities, IIT-BHU, Varanasi. They blessed the participants and students to get benefited while get trained by Value added courses like: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, BigData, Block Chain, MATLAB, VLSI, Python etc. Mr.Praveen Kumar Yadav, Business Manager and his team will shape the students for better employablity.

Print Media:

16th July 2019: i).Rashtriya Prastawana pdf( Page 6) / jpg(Page 6) / ii).Nav Bharat Times pdf( Page 9) / jpg(Page 9) / 17th July 2019:iii).Dainik Prabhat pdf( Page 2) / jpg(Page 2) .

MNNIT Alumni Asson-Chandrika Devi Dham-2019

  Moti Lal Nehru National Technical Institute, Lucknow-Chapter Alumni; more than 50 members and their families attended the 'Maa Chandrika Devi Dham' campus for Tree Plantation and also celebrated Mago-Party with great enthusiasm on 14th July 2019. President of Lucknow Chapter, Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh welcomed all the members and their families. members took the resolution to raise awareness of the people for environmental protection at the Maa Chandrika Devi Dham campus and MNNIT Association donated to Chandrika Devi Samiti, Chairman too..

Print Media:

17th July 2019: i).Rashtriya Prastawana pdf( Page 2) / jpg(Page 2) / ii).Hindustan pdf( Page 21) / jpg(Page 21) / iii).Dainik Prabhat pdf( Page 3) / jpg(Page 3) / iv).Aaj Daily pdf( Page 10) / jpg(Page 3) / v).Daily News Activites pdf( Page 10) / jpg(Page 3) .

News Times Post (Hindi) Jul-Dec-2019

  NEWS TIMES POST: brings the Latest News & Top Breaking headlines on Politics and Current Affairs in India & around the World, Sports, ... Following Editions bring Education Special contents

Print Media:

15th Jul 2019: i). Impact of Digital Education in India-by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh pdf (Pages 13-15) .

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